Ghostbusters Video Game Removed From Steam, But It Wasn’t The Bad One

If you're like me, hungry for all video game-related information, you'll likely come across reports that a Ghostbusters video game has been removed from Steam.

Any Ghostbusters fan who is also a PC gamer knows there's a 50-50 chance of this being a good thing. When I saw it, I thought "rejoice! The train wreck that was the 2016 $50 movie tie-in with an additional $4 skin pack has finally met its maker." That would, of course, be in reference to the 2016 video game simply titled Ghostbusters that was essentially a $50 XBLA game, and a piss-poor one at that.

Unfortunately, I should have read the report a bit more closely, because I would have seen it say clearly "Ghostbusters: The Video Game," which is the 2009 Ghostbusters game that was largely quite good.

Neither game being removed from Steam is a huge surprise, and with Ghostbusters: The Video Game, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. The developer of that game, Terminal Reality, reportedly shuttered its studio in 2013.

That being said, Fireforge Games, the developer of the 2016 Ghostbusters isn't in the best of situations either. Reportedly, they filed for bankruptcy right around the game's release, posting more than $10 million in debt, and they haven't been heard from since. In fact, they don't even have a working website anymore.

So, naturally, I was crossing my fingers hoping that it was the bad Ghostbusters game, which, by the way, is still $50 on Steam. Alas, the tendrils of its publisher Activision are likely to stay tethered to Steam for quite some time, as we say goodbye to Steam's last good iteration of the 80s classic.