Aonuma Confirms the Player Must Be Named “Link” in Breath of the Wild, Talks Voice Acting

If you hadn't noticed, Mario inventor Shigeru Miyamoto and Zelda overseer Eiji Aonuma have been spending a lot of time on the YouTube interview circuit lately. Be it visiting The Completionist for questioning on the feasibility of 100%-ing the latest Zelda to showing up on German YouTube channels such as "lookslikeLink," the two men have been seemingly everywhere at once leading up to Breath of the Wild's release. There's also that hilarious rapid-fire interrogation they had with Game Informer.

While appearing on the aforementioned "lookslikeLink" show, Aonuma confirmed some small but important nuggets of information about the game. First off, and for the first time, the player must be Link. No more naming Link "Scott." No more naming Link "Griff." And no more naming Link profanities. This time around Link is Link, plain and simple.

Additionally, Aonuma elaborated on precisely when and how voice acting will be utilized, stating that only plot-important characters are recieving the fully-voiced treatment. This is logical given the series' history; many fans feared the inclusion of voice acting at all, so for its creators to go that route must mean they have a very specific purpose or goal in mind, as opposed to merely ticking a AAA box. I've always enjoyed text accompanied by grunts, so I'm fine with the hybrid approach.

Of course, this isn't the only Zelda info released into the wild of late. Yesterday Nintendo Everything distilled a massive list of key points from Game Informer's recent Breath of the Wild cover story, ranging from minutia you'll never remember all the way up to the experience of playing through an actual full-length dungeon, comprised entirely of moving and manipulatable parts.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is releasing soon, alongside Nintendo Switch on March 3rd and also for Wii U the same day. Developer interviews are great, but I think we're all pretty tired of waiting. Time to hit the cryogenic sleep machine.