Nintendo Switch Leaker Made a Critical Mistake, Revealed Location

Some would argue that today's Nintendo Switch operating system walkthrough leak wasn't that big of a deal given that the system launches in less than one month. However, to Nintendo it is a huge blow that has undoubtedly reduced the amount of control it has over showing off the device prior to release. While there is usually nothing that a hardware manufacturer can do about a leak like this, Nintendo has some options thanks to a mistake this particular leaker made.

During the nearly three minute demonstration several WiFi connections are shown off on the interface. While this may be perceived as a minor skippable detail, it has effectively revealed the location of the leaker.

The reason for this is WiFi networks are unique and registered on a public database. What was shown offers clear insight into where the video was recorded. It doesn't help that the MAC address of the device, which uniquely identifies the hardware, was also shown on the screen for a brief moment.

Nintendo hasn't made any public statements regarding the leak or how it will handle the leaker. In defense of the leaker, only UI elements were shown. No opinions or potential malfunctions were shared. Nintendo probably didn't lose any preorders.

On a positive note, what we learned today is that the operating system is fast-paced and visually stunning. At launch there will be themes available in addition to a Sleep Mode. Actually, you could argue that if anything today's leak has positively impacted the height for the device. Color us excited.

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