Nier: Automata PC Version Release Date Confirmed In New Gameplay Trailer

Among this year's biggest RPGs is Nier: Automata, a title that has for a long time had a scheduled release date of March 7 on PS4. But there's also a PC version, one which hasn't been often discussed, and certainly didn't have a cemented release date. That changes today.​

Nier: Automata's latest trailer has confirmed the release date for its PC version. Scheduled to arrive on March 10th, PC gamers will only have to wait three extra days before playing the game.​

The latest trailer in question is called "Arsenal of Elegant Destruction", and it's filled with more than 90 seconds of gameplay footage.​ A significant boss battle is shown off along with more than half a dozen weapons, offering insight into why the game has earned a reputation for having an exciting combat system prior to release.​

Nier: Automata is considered one of the year's most attractive RPG's, a prime reputation given the quality of the competition. Building off the lessons learned from the first release, which was divisive but earned a cult following, PlatinumGames has huge ambition for the title.