Here’s What Amiibo Do In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally reached the hands of media outlets and critics, so it's no surprise that a wealth of information regarding associated amiibo functionality has also begun to appear. In particular, we now know the unique unlocks and functionality of the entire Breath of the Wild amiibo line, and it certainly makes the plastic figures more appealing if you're not just a collector seeking affordable Zelda pieces.

As presented by Nintendo Wire, the Breath of the Wild amiibo unlock and allow in-game items as follows.


  • The Guardian: The Guardian amiibo unlocks a score of rare weapons and items, including what is being dubbed as “anti-Guardian arrows.”
  • Bokoblin: The Bokoblin amiibo unlocks weapons and items. The weapons unlocked appear to be tied to the Bokoblin and include a selection of clubs.
  • Rider Link: Once again, this amiibo unlocks weapons and items. (Noticing a trend here?) This time, you can unlock a sword and a saddle for your tamed horse.
  • Zelda: Zelda unlocks rare equipment. The image pictures shows a shield with a Hylian Crest on it, which is pretty cool!
  • Archer Link: More rare weapons for this amiibo. The item featured is a pretty snazzy looking bow.  


If you stare at enough pictures of the box, it's like you have the actual box. Sort of.


Given Breath of the Wild's expanded focus on weapon collecting in particular compared to prior entries, I'm actually quite alright with these amiibo designations. We already have Wolf Link offering added gameplay, and besides, it's best not to lock too many desirable game mechanics behind real-world plastic anyway. Weapon unlocks are a nice way to move figures (not that there's ever a shortage of demand), while awarding those buying something extra aside from an impressive $12 piece and loss of shelf space.

We recently compared Breath of the Wild to to its biggest role-playing competition. The game releases on Wii U and alongside Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, just ten days from today.