Pillars Of Eternity 2 Surpasses Original Game In Money Raised

The crowdfunding campaign for Pillars of Enternity II: Deadfire has seen a last-minute surge in pledges that has pushed it past the total amount raised for the original Pillars of Eternity.

Two days ago, Pillars of Eternity II had just hit it's $3.25 million dollar stretch goal. As of right now, it's on pace to get to $4.25 million with $4.17 million raised. That million dollar gain is vastly outpacing almost all of the campaign thus far, with the exception of the first $1.1 million which was raised in an astounding 23 hours.

This total as it stands is good enough for the highest-funded game on Fig, and the seventh highest-funded crowdfunded video game of all time.

In fact, this rapid gain has embolden Obsidian Entertainment to announce a $4.5 million stretch goal, something that would have seem ludicrous just a couple days ago, despite only having 6 hours left in the time for funding.

The $4.5 stretch goal will add ship crews, if met. This will let you hire crews to run your ships more efficiently.