Overwatch 3v3 Elimination Mode Getting Changed, May Add Health Packs

3v3 Elimination Mode has been one of the tried and true modes of the Overwatch Arcade. It's a simple an elegant game mode that was introduced alongside the Arcade and the new map Ecopoint Antarctica.

But it has – or doesn't have – rather one feature that sets it aside from other maps and game modes: no health packs. They removed health packs on Ecopoint to make sure the games didn't last forever, but many people have been voicing their concerns that this wasn't the best thing for the game.

First off, it immediately boosted the importance of healers and self-healers, making people like Roadhog instant picks.

But, game director Jeff Kaplan posted in the forums today that they are considering changes to the mode to address the lack of available healing. In a thread asking for healthpacks, Kaplan wrote "We have some changes coming for 3v3 and we'll take this feedback into account."

So changes are coming – that much is confirmed – but we're not sure exactly what it would mean. It could mean an in-mode nerf to players who can self-heal. It could mean, as many users have suggested, a healing zone to which players can retreat. It could also mean the simple addition of a few health packs.

Whatever it means, though, 3v3 is about to get a little different.