Confirmed: Switch Joy-Cons Work On PC, Mac, And Android

In the world of proprietary controllers, pads, wands, headsets, and every other input imaginable, it's always a nice surprise when something designed for one console in particular ends up providing much more versatility than what you signed up for. The Wii U Pro Controller had its uses playing on PC, but it required extra software and workarounds to do so. Meanwhile, Sony's DualShock 4 can be used on PC, but only via a physical wired connection. When it comes to Nintendo Switch, it seems many of these restrictions, intentionally or not, have been lifted.

In a video uploaded by YouTube channel "DreWoof," who had previously demonstrated that the Switch's own Pro Controller works on PC quite easily, it's shown how the Joy-Cons can be used in pretty much the same way.

There are shortcomings; the Joy-Cons can't be synced Switch-style as separate detached pieces forming one single pad, as they each register as their own device. That said, you can use them both as individual inputs for multiplayer, and the video suggests that a driver update in the future might be able to address the problem. 

As of now the Joy-Cons can connect to PCs, Macs, and Android devices using standard Bluetooth, though as is often the case, iOS isn't joining the party thanks to its unique wireless spec. Between the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller, the Switch is offering up a surprising number of versatile gaming inputs that can be used across devices. If the Switch Pro Controller ends up somehow working on PS4 (through a clever workaround or otherwise), then that would seal the deal for me – goodbye DualShock, hello 40-hour battery life.


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