Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Could Feasibly Come To Switch, Silicon Knights Studio Founder Says

We still know very little about Nintendo's eventual Switch virtual console plans, but many have speculated that they will include GameCube emulation this time around. In addition, the concept has been hinted at by Nintendo veteran and Switch hardware lead Yoshiaki Koizumi. Though his insinuation is unclear, a recent tweet from Silicon Knights founder and former president Dennis Dyack suggests that one GameCube title in particular, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, could feasibly find its way to the platform.

The interaction to suggest this unfolded directly on Twitter, when a user asked if there was any chance Twin Snakes could appear on Switch, citing concerns about legality. It was to this line of query that Dyack replied simply: "Yes."

To be fair, Dyack has been known to say things that don't necessarily come to fruition, but even so – his indication that legally a Twin Snakes appearance could happen is certainly thought-provoking. It's also not clear whether said theoretical appearance would be via GameCube virtual console or a Switch port altogether. However, since his response was merely a one-word yes, it's likely best not to overspeculate.

It's been previously estimated that GameCube games could efficiently run on Switch, even at HD resolution, and when questioned about a GameCube virtual console Yoshiaki Koizumi replied cryptically that the company was working on "something like that." My hope is that we get not just a standard ROM bank, but an emulator capable of boosting native resolution instead. Though if not, there's always Dolphin to fall back on.