Sumo Digital Job Posting Confirms Dead Island 2 Is Still In Production

Remember this trailer? The one for Deep Silver's Dead Island 2? The cinematic that was clearly in the same vein as the incredibly well-made cinematic trailer for the original Dead Island but wasn't nearly as good? Yeah, that was our first look – one of our only looks – at Dead Island 2, and it was three years ago.

After E3 2014, the only real look we've seen at Dead Island 2 has been at Gamescom that year, where pre-alpha footage debuted to mixed audience reception. Since then, Yaeger development has left the project and Sumo Digital has taken over. Sumo Digital just put out Snake Pass and is working on Crackdown 3, but hasn't given any updates in regards to Dead Island 2, leading many to believe it's canceled.

However, in addition to Sumo's occasional assurance on Twitter that the game is not canceled, they've also posted a QA job position that, while not explicitly for Dead Island 2, did list the zombie sequel as one of the projects the studio is lucky enough to be working on.

"We are also incredibly proud to be working on the highly anticipated Crackdown 3 (Xbox One) and Dead Island 2 (multi-platform) plus several other exciting but yet unannounced projects," Sumo wrote on the job posting.

Still, though, no new information and a mountain of consumer skepticism surround Dead Island 2 until we get more concrete details. Will it ever come out?

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