Metroid-Esque Axiom Verge Is Coming To Switch With A Physical Release

If you missed Axiom Verge on the vast multitude of platforms it's already released for, there's good news. The game's creator, Tom Happ, has confirmed that a Switch version of the game is in the works, and it's not just a download either. Axiom Verge is getting a full-on retail Switch release, its status currently described simply as "in the works."

The news comes via the World 1-1 Podcast, where Happ spilled the beans on what to expect with the upcoming Axiom Verge Switch release. Beyond the game itself, it appears as though potential buyers can expect a physical manual (rare these days), a copy of the soundtrack, and even a documentary about the game and, presumably, the story of its development.

Outfits like Limited Run Games and others have made retail version of traditionally downloadable indie games a reality, but for Axiom Verge to be going the extra mile with manuals and even documentaries is quite impressive. It's true that many Switch owners will have already played the game on either PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, or Vita (it really is everywhere), but if you've managed to avoid it until now, then surely Switch's dual handheld and TV options make it one of the better places to play.

There's no release date for the Switch version just yet, so stay tuned for more and keep an eye on Tom Happ's Twitter account if you want up-to-the-minute information. For more Axiom Verge, you can check out our original review.