Apparent Leak From Overwatch PTR Points To Anniversary Event

A new patch for Overwatch went live in the PTR last night, and while the buffs and nerfs to various heroes, including a surprising hit to Reinhardt, are all worth discussing, one Redditor was able to uncover what appear to be even more momentous news hot on the Horizon for the popular shooter.

In a huge datamine, players were able to find several references to an "EVENT_6." Of course, Overwatch uprising was the fifth event, following Chinese New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror and the Summer Games, so a sixth event has to be referring to something new. Since this information is containted within the latest PTR patch, there's reason to believe this new event is coming very soon.

It seems Reaper, Tracer, Sombra and Orisa may be getting the most cosmetic items, and several new maps were mentioned, though not by name.

With Overwatch's anniversary coming up on May 24th, it's hard to imagine Blizzard wouldn't do anything with it. Many people are also saying this would be a perfect time to introduce their 25th hero, who players hope is the ever-elusive Doomfist, but nothing in this particular datamine supports that idea.

As is always the case with these events, we'll know more in the coming weeks. Usually, events are leaked in foreign advertisements that closely follow an official reveal. If there is an event in May after just having one in April, Overwatch players will officially be spoiled rotten.