The Real Slim Shady Will Stand Up For Nintendo At E3 Presser

Since I can't take this new rumor seriously (although it's probably true), I'm going to play just like the horrible joke it is and write this story as awful rap lyrics.

You're going to be shocked like you never were before. 

Jaw will hit the floor when you see Eminem walk through the door.

And take the stage in a fit of rage for big N, so the rumors states.

For a Wii U game that's rated M, created by Nintendo… wait?

From a video he'll host, playing a new game called Acid Ghost.

This comes from a source who's anonymous.

A story that will make Nintendo and Slim Shady synonymous.

You won't believe your eyes, even if you were an optometrist.

If you don't understand rap, the gist of it is this: Rumor has it that Nintendo will feature a video of Eminem playing a new mature Wii U title called Acid Ghost during their E3 press conference.

I apologize for my actions here today.

[Source of this probably true nonsense]

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