Destiny 2’s PC Version Is Being Given Careful Consideration

When the original Destiny was announced in 2013 the widely-held belief was that it would eventually get a PC port. For one reason or another, it never came no matter the potential.

To make up for this its sequel is releasing on the platform day one.

Confirmation of Destiny 2 having a PC version has raised a lot of questions as developer Bungie has little experience with the platform. However, during this week's post-earnings call Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg went as far as to say, ‚Äč"We're committed to delivering meaningful features that are bespoke for the PC community."

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Although once forgotten, it has been confirmed that the PC version will launch on the same day as its PS4 and Xbox One brethren, will support keyboard & mouse inputs, and will be made available on Steam, three factors that PC gamers take very seriously. Beyond this it's unclear what "meaningful features" it will bring with it this Fall.

By mid-2016 Destiny achieved a total registered player pool on PS4 and Xbox One of 30 million, a milestone histocially achieved by a small handful of games in the history of the industry. The Destiny franchise's large-scale multiplayer-centric worlds are particularly PC friendly, making this a huge opportunity for Activision to grow the IP beyond its previously console-imposed limits.

Destiny 2 will release on September 8th.