Mystery Solved: Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Yeti Turned Out to Be Just a Guy

Dedicated players of Ghost Recon Wildlands have spent several weeks hunting the Yeti, the myth, the legend of the mountainous province in fictionalized Boliva. In case you're behind, many players convinced themselves that Wildlands was hiding a Yeti among its vast snowcaps in part because of a "Yeti Hunter" outfit and in part because lots of creepy things happened in those mountains.

The first indication was a series of collectible Totems that you could find across the land that would reappear at this strange shrine. From there, and in subsequent updates, people were able to find various, so-called "Yeti Caves," filled with dead bodies and strange messages that were actually cyphers that gave coordinates when decoded.

But the most recent hint at the Yeti's existence came from Ubisoft themselves. Among a largely boring patch in Title Update 4, the developers inserted a winking line as a patch note: "Something was seen roaming the mountains."

Of course, the player base of Wildlands went crazy and started ravenously searching for anything Yeti-related. And, sure enough, they found it. But it wasn't what they expected:

So there it is. That's not a Yeti in a ghillie suit, that's a guy in a Ghillie Suit. Turns out the Yeti is just a guy. You encounter this "yeti" by finding a rock at the coordinates -19.7417 -66.6618. It will be a rock with bloody handprints on it that will invite you to interact with it. Once you do, the "Yeti" will reveal himself to be a person with a high-powered sniper rifle.

This "Yeti" can kill you in one hit, so be careful of that. After killing him, you will need to inspect his body. Then you will be granted the Yeti ghillie suit and eternal bragging rights. The actual bragging rights, though, must go to the three Xbox One players whom are believed to be the first to find the Yeti – Dirt Gnasty, A Wild Hunter & yokochan09.

Those who spent the better part of Wildlands' release are assuredly relieved to have their search finally be over (these guys actually have their own, decently sized sub-reddit), but many people are expressing what seems to be rightful disappointment.

"WTF is this "El Yeti" that is simply a man in a Ghillie suit walking in the mountains? Very very underwhelming," wrote one Redditor. But, this could easily be a case of the thrill of the hunt being more satisfying than the kill.

Regardless, though, it's not as disappointing as Narco Road.