Far Cry 5’s First Key Art Features Religion, a Big American Flag, and a Love for Hunting

As revealed on Monday, Far Cry 5 will be set in Montana. This setting, which is a significant departure from prior games, will present new opportunities for both storytelling and gameplay.

At this point it's tough to get an idea of what Far Cry 5 will be like, as there aren't any high profile games similarly set in Montana. This will be directly addressed on Friday with a full gameplay reveal, but for now at least we have its key art to set the tone.

Far Cry 5's key art, which can be seen below, gives the impression that cults, American values, hunting, and family will all be key elements of the story. As with key arts for previous releases, an intimidating figure is seen front and center. Presumably, this will be the antagonist of the game, who appears religious in nature.

This focus on religion and American values will likely be a source of controversy, especially given the series' tendency to stray into conflict and violence.

Far Cry 5 is expected to release during Fall 2017. A full reveal will be made this Friday. Stay tuned.