Ubisoft Announces Skull & Bones, a New Pirate Adventure

Taking note from the popularity of Assassins Creed: Black Flag’s pirate ship vs ship combat, Ubisoft has just announced Skull & Bones, a new multiplayer ship combat game. You can check out the cinematic trailer here.

You and your friends can take control of a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean where you can take down other players and AI pirates in several 5v5 game modes. You can clearly see hints from how Assassins Creed has inspired it, and even a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean movies vibe in the cinematic as well.

This gives the Xbox One Sea of Thieves some serious competition in the Pirate sphere, as it looks far more detailed, intense, and competitive than what was shown at the Microsoft conference yesterday. But we’ll know more once we have a chance

Skull & Bones is slated to come to Xbox One, PS4, and Windows in Fall 2018. Ubisoft also announced a handful of beta tests that will take place sooner, more info about that will be released later on.


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