Megaton Rainfall Offers A Superpowered Look At Being A Hero

Being a superhero must be totally awesome. It’s probably also pretty terrifying, if you’ve got to experience it in first-person. Thanks to developer Pentadimensional Games, you can see exactly how it feels with the “superhero sim” Megaton Rainfall. It’s a PlayStation 4 game releasing September 26, and it’s very ambitious. You’ll be thrust into the shoes of an “indestructible interdimensional superbeing.” Okay then.

Armed with some truly impressive powers, you’re tasked with keeping the world safe from an oncoming alien threat. Except sometimes those very same powers that you can use to save others might end up harming them as well. Your superpowers will have a “dark side.” For instance, every time you miss an enemy, your basic attack can level whoile buildings. Worse still, your gigaton blast can end up leveling a city if you end up missing an alien ship. Pretty grave consequences.

To that end there are plenty of destructible environments and lots to see, including the stratosphere and the ocean floor. You might even end up walking on the surface of the moon.

The game is releasing for PC via Steam at some point, though there’s no additional release date for that version just yet. It sounds positively invigorating, and a great candidate for VR, so hopefully it’ll end up incorporating that in some way. Either way, it sounds like something that we’ll definitely want to keep on our radar.