Titanfall: Assault Is Available for Mobile Devices Today

If you prefer your titans small and mobile, you’ve no doubt already heard about Titanfall: Assault, the mobile version of the popular shooter that’s been reborn as a PvP RTS. This is actually the second mobile version of Titanfall, and it’s part of the very same publishing deal Respawn Entertainment has with Nexon to create additional Titanfall mobile games. Well, if you’re curious about how it plays, the wait is over. You can download Titanfall: Assault right now and try it out.

The game’s launch trailer shows off a bit of what you can expect from the game, which has been updated a few times since it debuted in soft launch status a few months ago. There’s a good amount of action packed into the diminutive version of Titanfall, with “squads” to assemble, wide-scale battles between players, and plenty of other things borrowed from the vanilla series.

It’s free to play if you’re curious about what all it offers, but keep in mind this is the first actual Titanfall mobile game that made it to full launch status. The previous iteration, Titanfall: Frontline was stuck in soft launch limbo and just never made it out alive. Hopefully this mobile version of the franchise is as enjoyable as Titanfall 2 was and ends up being a success.