Destiny 2 Is Now Officially On

Earlier in the year, the PC version of Destiny 2 was confirmed to be exclusive to It was an announcement that stirred a lot of surprise given the exclusivity of the platform, yet considered a huge win for Blizzard and gamers alike. Now that we’re just a few weeks out from release, the game has finally been added to the service.

Upon booting, you’ll notice that not only are all first-party games categorized under a “Blizzard” header, but Activision has its own header with Destiny 2 underneath it. This change is visible to all users, and was delivered as part of the most recent update.


Although you can’t pre-load the game yet, pre-purchases are advertised along with an early access date of August 28th. For those who don’t pre-order, the Open Beta will become available on the 29th.

This partnership between Activision and Blizzard marks the first time has provided access to a third-party game. During recent months new features have been added to the free service, including Channels and Blizzard Streaming. It’s likely that other games will be added in the coming year.