Bayonetta 3 Confirmed? Hideki Kamiya Teases Sequel

Update: Bayonetta 3 has been officially announced! Check out the announcement here.

Original Story: Platinum Games founder Hideki Kamiya has teased Bayonetta 3, suggesting that loose ends of the series’ plot will be tied up in a third entry in the series.

The Bayonetta series is a cult favorite, though Platinum Games struggled to bring Bayonetta 2 to life despite the popularity of the original game, leading to it becoming exclusive to the Wii U. Though the sequel was popular among both critics and players, it being released on a struggling console inevitably led to it failing to receive blockbuster sales, and while it performed decently it was still debatable whether or not another publisher would take on the game.

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However, Kamiya has now suggested that this is the case. In response to a follower asking if there is an official name for the game’s World of Chaos setting, Kamiya replied: “Wait till Bayo3.”

Now, while this isn’t exactly stone cold confirmation that Bayonetta 3 is in development, seeing the Platinum Games founder discuss it is certainly a giant hint that we could see the sequel at some point in the future. It also suggests that there is a plan for the plot of the next entry in the series, indicating that Platinum may currently be working on it.


Back in May, Bayonetta producer Atsushi Inaba told SourceGaming in an interview that Platinum were “constantly talking” about developing Bayonetta 3, suggesting that Bayonetta may not even be the star of the game. “Of course, that’s just something that you talk about when you’re making a series – do you want to keep the same protagonist?” Inaba said. “There’s plenty of precedent for changing protagonists, and so that is something we discuss – do we want to keep the same one, have a different one, add new ones…”

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While fans of the first two games would no doubt be disappointed by a Bayonetta game that didn’t feature its titular character, we’re sure that at this point any form of Bayonetta 3 being confirmed would still generate plenty of excitement. We’ll just have to wait and see whether Kamiya and Platinum really are working on Bayonetta 3, or if Kamiya is simply playing games with his followers.