Destiny Reddit Has Turned on Destiny 2 After Just Two Weeks

The Destiny Reddit forum was a jubilant place immediately following Destiny 2‘s launch. With the game receiving plenty of praise from critics and righting many of the wrongs of its predecessor, it was a happy, pleasant time for the game’s active online community. That time now appears to have come to an end.

While there are still plenty of players enjoying Destiny 2 (I count myself among them), browsing the game’s online forums paints a different picture two weeks following its launch. r/DestinyTheGame, the subreddit for all things Destiny related, is currently littered with complaints about more-or-less every aspect of the game. The Nightfall is being taken to task, its Leviathan Raid has been criticized, the new mod system has been thrown into question and its Crucible has been taken to task, too.

It has resulted in the Destiny Reddit front page consisting of around 95% complaints, a far cry from the overwhelming praise heaped upon the game on the same forum in the few days following its launch:



Though it’s not exactly unusual to see complaints on a video game forum, the intensity of the criticisms levelled at Destiny 2 compared with the reaction upon launch is interesting. It seems that many of the players who are now criticizing Destiny 2 have funnelled between 100 to 200 hours into it post-launch, which is still plenty of time to feel like you’ve got your money’s worth out of a game, but those sold by the game’s MMO leanings would likely want more out of it.

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While the Destiny 2 story campaign and various other activities were much more engaging than the first game, it seems that many players have stopped enjoying the game now that they’ve completed the majority of its launch content, admonishing it as they would a standard MMO for not offering them hundreds upon hundreds of hours of stuff to do from right out of the gate.


One top post among the flood of criticisms berated the controversy: “Reddit players make up, maybe, 1% of the D2 total community? Probably less. It is insane how predictable this community is, and how quickly people shift their perspective. All the no lifers that went on and on about how amazing this game was a week ago are suddenly sad? Bungie will try to satisfy ya’ll (prestige nightfall/raid/trials/IB) but the vast majority of players probably haven’t even finished the campaign.

“Think about that for a second. Like I have 2 irl friends that are casual as f*** and they’re both like level 16-18. If you spend all of your time in this reddit community and think it is representative of the greater casual D2 community you’re bonkers. Go outside for a bit. Take a break. There will be more content to do when you come back.”

While many of the Destiny Reddit users have valid complaints about the game, it’s interesting to see just how swiftly their perception of the blockbuster FPS has changed in such a short period of time. With many having piled hours into it since its launch on September 5, it seems that its endgame content has not been enough to satisfy a section of its community. However, with Bungie inevitably set to provide continuous updates to it the game the near future, it should only be a matter of time before those who have swiftly fallen out of love with the shooter are given more stuff to do in it.