Has the Hitman Series Been Picked Up By Ubisoft?

The Hitman series may have been picked up by Ubisoft, with a new teaser image posted by developers IO Interactive potentially pointing towards a future with the French studio.

IO Interactive revealed the image alongside a post on the game’s official site, noting that they will announce some brand new Hitman content on October 24th. While IO also confirmed that this content wouldn’t include Hitman Season Two, the below blurred image left fans wondering where the series was headed, with a credible theory cooked up by journalist Ben Skipper suggesting that Ubisoft may be handling the franchise’s publishing duties from here on out.

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Skipper posted the below images side-by-side, with there definitely being a similarity between the glowing light in the teaser image and Ubisoft’s new logo:



There’s no further evidence for this rumor other than the above similarity, but with IO Interactive needing a new publisher for the series, Ubisoft’s involvement is definitely on the cards. Of course, this could all just be a happy coincidence, but Ubisoft certainly does seem like an ideal fit for the franchise. What do you think? Could Ubisoft be behind the upcoming Hitman content? Let us know in the comments section below.