Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Available for Download a Month Early and This is How to Download It

Last night, Nintendo hosted a brief direct on the Animal Crossing mobile game coming out soon. We covered the announcement in its entirety, which you can check out here. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is scheduled to launch on iOS and Android devices worldwide sometime in late November, but we’ve already got our hands on it and you can, too.

Similar to the early access debacle when Pokemon Go released in the summer of 2016, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is already available right now on iOS and Android. Before you go searching Google Play or the App Store, it is only available in Australia as of the publishing of this article. This could be due to a limited test market ahead of its launch.

Being limited to only Australia shouldn’t crush your hopes and dreams, though, as it is still possible to play the game without any need for VPN or some other complicated solution like creating an Australian account. However, if you are from Australia you can access Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp right now on Google Play or at the App Store.

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For those reading this that live in the rest of the world, it is an almost equally simple process for downloading Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your phone or tablet. The main caveat being that, like the Pokemon Go situation, this is unfortunately limited to only Android devices at this time – sorry, Apple fans.

For iOS users, you will have to create an Australian iTunes account and sign in with that on your device. As for our Android method, we’ve downloaded and verified that this simple process is safe and works.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – How to Download the Game Right Now on AndroidAnimal Crossing

  • On your Android device, search for “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK” (we won’t link to any sites due to their promotion of offering paid games for free)
  • Download the roughly 50mb APK file
  • Install it and open up Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Select country as Australia
  • Download an additional 83mb file
  • Optional but recommended: Create and link an Australian Nintendo account so you can access and use your save anywhere at anytime
  • Create your character and complete the easy five minute tutorial
  • Download one last 79mb update (which has a cool minigame while you wait) and you will be free to play the game from now on
  • Have fun!