Xbox One X Amazon Orders Delayed in UK With Many Customers Left Empty Handed

Many Xbox One X Amazon orders in the UK have been delayed, with customers taking to social media in order to vent their frustrations after the online retailer failed to send them their console on launch day.

Despite customers having pre-ordered the console in time for its launch day, Amazon has reportedly sent out emails to many customers explaining that their shipment has been delayed, with the console’s Scorpio edition seemingly being most affected by the issue. A number of complaints have surfaced on Twitter, with many revealing that despite buying the console when its pre-orders went live, their shipments have still been delayed.

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The complaints have also trickled into Xbox One Reddit, with the Xbox One X’s launch megathread containing a slew of comments from customers who have been told their Xbox One X order will be delayed. “Like many on this page I ordered my scorpio edition from Amazon UK. I woke up this morning and checked my Amazon account expecting that my order status would be changed from dispatching now to in transit,” one customer wrote. “Unfortunately I received an email telling me that me that my xbox has been delayed and that it should be delivered in the next business day. This is dispite [sic] my Amazon account claiming that I will still get the xbox by 8pm.”


“Just been on chat with THREE Amazon customer service reps (I think as I asked more complicated questions I got bumped up the skill set) initially said no stock and when it comes back into stock I would then get my pre order, then when asked why charge my card, got told they’ll contact fulfilment centre,” another customer wrote. “When I asked which one they said they couldn’t contact one.. finally got to a manager who confirmed that it would be delivered today (along with additional items) basically it’s clear that Amazon are all bit lost over this and poorly equipped to handle a launch like this.”

Amazon UK has yet to release an official statement regarding the issues it’s experiencing with its Xbox One X shipments, though some customers are reporting that their communications with the retailer seem to suggest that they did not receive enough units of the Xbox One X Scorpio edition, which inevitably led to the delays. Hopefully this issue will be resolved sooner rather than later, and these customers will have their Xbox One X’s in their hands by the end of the week.

H/T Eurogamer