Xbox One X Sales Match the Nintendo Switch and Beat the PS4 Pro

Sales of the Xbox One X in its first week have matched those of the Nintendo Switch and beaten the PS4 Pro, new figures from the UK have revealed.

The Xbox One X sold over 80,000 units in the UK, according to data shared by retailers to, a number which trounces the PS4 Pro’s 50,000 units sold. It took the PS4 Pro four weeks to reach the 80,000 mark, further highlighting the early success Microsoft’s new console has had in the region.

The figures have also revealed that the Project Scorpio edition of the console achieved the most sales, while Call of Duty: WW2 was the top-selling Xbox One game in the new console’s launch week.

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The Xbox One X performing as well as the Switch and charting so high above the PS4 Pro has likely been helped by the stock shortages the other two consoles suffered, though it’s still a very promising start for Microsoft’s 4K console.

With the Xbox One having received very little in the way of exclusives this year, it’s somewhat surprising that it has performed so well in the region. No sales figures are available for other regions at this time, but if the Xbox One X proves as popular with the US market as it has in the UK, then the Xbox One family could well receive another burst of life in its middle-age.

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