Battlefield Bad Company 3 is Coming in 2018, According to Known Leaker

Battlefield Bad Company 3 will launch in 2018, according to a well-known leaker who previously lifted the lid on Battlefield 1.

YouTuber AlmightyDaq has shared a number of details regarding the rumored game (via, claiming that it will be EA DICE’s next Battlefield game and will move the conflict to “mid and post-Vietnam,” though will not be “historically accurate.”

The move away from the World War 1 battles featured in the last game means a return to modern tanks, helicopters and other vehicles, while Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon classes will also make their return. The game modes include Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination, Team Deathmatch, while a 5v5 game type will also be introduced that shares similarities with Squad Obliteration.

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AlmightyDaq added that microtransactions are not set to feature heavily in the game, with it not sharing the same loot box-heavy progression system as DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, there will still be Battlepacks similar to Battlefield 4. The gameplay will apparently be faster paced than Battlefield 1, while there will be plenty of player, gun and vehicle customization options.

Apparently a bunch of YouTubers have already been made aware of Battlefield Bad Company 3‘s existence by EA, though the publisher has remained quiet about the game. There still hasn’t been a formal announcement, so this is still very much a rumor at the time of this writing, albeit one from a source that has proven himself to be credible in the past. According to this leak, its reveal could be planned for E3 2018.

Check out AlmightyDaq’s video on Battlefield Bad Company 3 below: