Team ICO’s Kenji Kaido To Leave Sony

Kenji Kaido, a producer on both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, has revealed on Twitter as translated by Andriasang that he will no longer be with Sony Computer Entertainment some time this month.

While this doesn't mean that The Last Guardian is out of the picture, it does put a hole in Team ICO and begs the question as to the team's continued existence after The Last Guardian is released, if or when that may be.

Kaido was an integral part in Team ICO, joining Fumito Ueda personally during press tours. He was also a project leader and game designer for now-retro Taito titles such as Sonic Blast Man, Dead Connection, and Night Striker before joining Sony in 1997 where he was the lead game designer for Ape Escape.

Though his future remains uncertain at the moment, Kaido plans to continue his summer break. Not a bad idea, if I say so myself.