PUBG Surpasses 1 Million Players on Xbox One, Will Add Map Preference Soon on PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just released in Early Access on Xbox One earlier this week on December 12th, but that isn’t stopping it from shattering expectations. PUBG has already surpassed one million copies sold on Xbox One alone in just its first few days on the market.

These sales numbers come via Mat Piscatella on Twitter, an industry analyst that works for NPD. His initial sales expectations were for PUBG to reach 250,000 copies sold in December, but the game has surpassed that entirely in not even a full week. This effectively makes it the fastest selling Xbox Game Preview title, beating out other giants like Ark: Survival Evolved.

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That number is sure to continue growing throughout the second half of December, as Xbox has also announced a new bundle. Starting December 17th and running through December 31st, anyone that purchases an Xbox One X console will get PUBG included for free.

PUBG Xbox One X

PUBG’s faithful PC base will be happy to know that Xbox One users aren’t the only ones to receive good news, as some new details have emerged about the game’s release out of early access. The biggest feature coming sometime after its 1.0 launch is the ability to select which map you want to play on. Currently, it is randomized on the PUBG test server, so you never know if you’ll get the Erangel or Miramar maps.

Many players are finding they vastly prefer one map over the other due to the major gameplay differences, so it is great to know that you will soon be able to only play the one you like. While it is currently unknown when this feature will launch in PUBG, the official launch date on PC is looming ever closer. PUBG is currently set to release out of early access on December 20th.