Squadron 42 Gameplay Reveal Features an Hour of Star Citizen’s Single-Player Adventure

Squadron 42 has received a lengthy gameplay demo, with it offering a vertical slice of the upcoming single-player adventure set within the Star Citizen universe.

The pre-alpha footage features developer commentary from Game Director Chris Roberts, Technical Director of Content Sean Tracy, and Lead Writer Dave Haddock, taking players on a tour of the space station before going inside the cockpit for an interplanetary voyage.

While much of the demo is spent showcasing various NPC interactions, when the player leaves the station and begins exploring the space surrounding it, its gorgeous visuals become immediately apparent. Though there are still some expected optimization issues, Squadron 42 looks like it’s shaping up very nicely, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the finished product — when it finally launches, that is.

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Squadron 42 is set to be a standalone single-player experience separate from Star Citizen, the bank-busting multiplayer space exploration game. There’s no word on when either game is set to launch, with developer Cloud Imperium Games continuing to work on bringing the hugely ambitious (and expensive) project to life.

Check out the gameplay footage below: