The People Speak: YouPorn Has an Overwatch Problem, Nintendo Sells Us Cardboard, and More

GameRevolution’s readers had a lot to say this week. With Nintendo unveiling the Labo, the Metal Gear Survive beta going live and the controversy surrounding David Cage and Quantic Dream still roaring on, there was plenty to be discussed.

This week we had a whole bunch of, er, “spirited” discussion surrounding our new feature writer Callum Agnew’s various opinion pieces, while our piece on Red Dead Redemption 2‘s potential use of microtransactions also sparked debate among our readers. Elsewhere, this week’s installments of ‘Remember?’ and ‘The Perfect Level’ proved to be popular, with Jason and Cody delving deep into their early gaming memories.

Next week is the first busy gaming week of 2018, with Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing on January 26th. We’ll have reviews for both games, along with a couple more new titles, coming to you over the next seven days. But before then, let’s take a look at our favorite comments that we’ve received over the course of the past week.



Article: YouPorn Claims Overwatch League is Killing Its Viewership

Comment: Don’t worry YouPorn, I’m doing my part



Article: Nintendo Labo Critics Have Forgotten What it’s Like to Be a Kid

Comment: I want to be a kid again to play the robot game. You can turn into a frikken car



Article: The Perfect Level: How Halo’s Second Level Evolved the FPS Genre

Comment: Of all the levels in Halo, I never would have chosen the second one, but you make a strong case–definitely within the game itself. I’m not sure how influential the level design was outside of the series, though. Mechanics like the two weapon limit and off hand grenades had a near-universal impact on everything that came after, but I always felt like Halo took a lot of cues from Half-Life from a content perspective and was more of an evolution vs. a revolution in that department.


Miles Saintborough

Article: Resident Evil 2 Remake Announcement Teased for This Week

Comment: Holy shit RE2 with RE7 graphics would make me cream


Marco Caballero

Article: Nintendo Labo is the First Product to Use the Switch Hardware to its Fullest

Comment: Holy shit! I did not see this coming. This is going to be huge. The people at Nintendo have fucking endless imagination.