Persona 6 Survey Points to a Potential Nintendo Switch Version

Atlus recently sent out an open survey to gamers in Japan regarding the company’s future titles. The survey asks various questions about different upcoming games and series that the developer is known for from Persona to Etrian Odyssey and more. This survey allows fans of Atlus’ franchises to have a say in where each respective series goes from here.

You can check out the survey for yourself on the official Persona 5 Japanese site at this link, but the site has been overloaded recently so you may not be able to successfully get in right now. Thankfully, Twinfinite was able to get in and report on some of the enticing questions that Atlus asks fans.

Regarding the Persona series in particular, Atlus inquires about what types of games fans would like to see in the future. Among the choices are ones that we’ve seen before in spin-offs like fighting, but interestingly enough, there are some new potential genres mentioned like shooters.

Persona 5 Switch

More importantly, though, the survey asks users to indicate what platforms they would like to see the currently unannounced Persona 6 to come out on. The list of choices for platform include Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Vita, PlayStation VR, and mobile devices. Of those listed, only PS4 and Vita have had previous entries in the series, however, the most recent installment wasn’t available on Vita.

The survey also inquires about fans’ interest in remakes of previously released games from the Persona, Devil Survivor, Digital Devil Saga, and Etrian Odyssey series. Lastly, Atlus wants to know if players are interested in it developing a brand new IP to add to its staple of wonderful games including Persona 5, which your friendly neighborhood staff at GameRevolution gave our 2017 Game of the Year Award to.