Is the Destiny 2 Taken Queen “Leak” Real or Fake?

With Curse of Osiris having been out for about two months now, both players and Bungie are looking ahead to what’s next for one of the most popular online games out today. Recently, a Destiny 2 The Taken Queen DLC leak occurred and players are wondering if this could be the third possible expansion for the game.

This Destiny 2 The Taken Queen leak comes after leaks were already made regarding the upcoming second DLC expansion called Gods of Mars that was essentially confirmed to be real (via IGN), due to a leak on the official PlayStation store that features a brand new enemy faction and more. Because of that seemingly legitimate leak, fans are beginning to wonder if The Taken Queen leak is real, too. Let’s dig into what we know and figure out if it’s real or fake.

Is the Destiny 2 The Taken Queen DLC Leak Real or Fake?

Before we give our verdict on if the Destiny 2 The Taken Queen DLC leak is real or fake, let’s first recap what we know. If you happened to miss this leak, it came from a recent promotional poster for the expansion that was posted online. You can find it here via Imgur.

Destiny 2 The Taken Queen DLC Leak

We also have the picture saved above just in case the link is taken down. In the last year’s sequel to the original Destiny that brought us The Taken King expansion, it is hinted that the Taken hordes now serve a Queen named Savathun. The hints are certainly there for a Destiny 2 The Taken Queen DLC, but we believe that this leak is totally fake.

There are a few reasons why we believe the Destiny 2 The Taken Queen leak is completely fake. For one, the art for the poster is rather mediocre. It is completely unlike any promotional art or posters that Bungie has done previously. Another reason is that the bottom text looks too faded and photoshopped to be real.

Lastly, we have a huge problem with the name: Destiny 2 The Taken Queen. Looking at how Bungie has handled DLC and everything so far, the developer is completely against keeping things too similar. For one, just look at the change of Light in the first game to now Power level in the sequel.

There is no way that Bungie would name this so close to The Taken King. Finally, being that The Taken King released a year after the first game came out, we’ve got many months before a potential third DLC featuring Savathun would release. Because of this, it is very doubtful that a promotional poster would be available right now.

However, there is merit and reason to believe another expansion focused on the Taken is coming soon, but it won’t be called Destiny 2 The Taken Queen. Sorry, but this leak is a total dud.