Xbox One 1440p Support Coming in New Early Preview Build

If you, like me, have been disappointed at the latest video game consoles’ lack of support for 1440p monitors, you’ll be happy to hear that things are about to change. It starts with the Xbox Early Preview program, which allows approved participants to get an early look at upcoming software updates.

According to Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill, Xbox One 1440p support will be tested in a new Early Preview build. Those with a 1440p monitor, and an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, will experience content rendered and outputted at 1440p. (That means no more upscaling, then downscaling, then upscaling again. Hallelujah!)

Kevin Gammill confirmed this on Twitter:

It’s unclear when support will be rolled out across all systems. Once Early Preview testing has concluded, and Microsoft feels confident that players won’t run into many problems, then it will likely be unleashed for us all to enjoy.

Xbox 1440p support would be huge for gamers who use both consoles and PCs for gaming. 1440p is a common resolution for popular high-end panels, and I imagine there are many “hybrid gamers” out there who will appreciate this new feature.

With televisions jumping from 1080p to 4K, the 1440p resolution has long gone ignored by console makers. Thankfully, Microsoft is about to fix that. Here’s hoping Sony follows suit!

Do you own an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, as well as a 1440p monitor? (I mean, surely there’s a lot of us out there?!)

H/T Reddit