Xbox One Spring Update Revealed by Microsoft: 1440p Support, Controller Sharing, and More

My professional rendering of what the Xbox One 2 could have looked at. (I matched the font and everything.)

Microsoft has revealed all the exciting new features in its upcoming Xbox One Spring Update. Anyone who’s in the Xbox Insider Alpha Ring will the first lucky users as they will be receiving the update today.

Xbox One Spring Update Support for 1440p Video Output

Xbox One owners should be excited about this one, especially those with great displays to make the most out of this feature. The Spring Update will grant the Xbox One X and Xbox One S the capability to support output at 1440p resolution for games and media. Now even console gamers can enjoy 1440p resolution, also known as “2560×1440” or “QHD, which is popular amongst PC gamers.

Xbox One Spring Update Controller Sharing and Mixer Improvements

The Xbox Spring Update will introduce a new form of Mixer interactivity, the Share controller. What this means is that Mixer streamers on the Xbox One will be given the option to share their controller with a Mixer viewer. This will allow streamers to share their entire controller, excluding the Xbox button, from the game they are playing. Viewers can then take control through the on-screen gamepad or by plugging a controller into their PC.

Additionally, other Mixer improvements include broadcasts no longer stopping when streamers switch games, as they will now pause when switching games or exiting to the dashboard. Last but not least, streamers can now begin their Mixer broadcasts from anywhere on the console, whether they’re on the dashboard or within a game.

Xbox One Spring Update Browser Improvements

The Microsoft Edge browser will be updated with a new modern look in the Xbox Spring Update. It will now be easier to navigate with a controller. The best new feature is the ability to download as well as upload pictures, music, and videos from Microsoft Edge on the console. The downloaded content can then be browsed via the File Explorer app. Other features include improvements to the Favorites and History sections make it more accessible for users, as well as the addition of tab muting, read aloud and autofill.

Xbox One Spring Update Audio Improvements

The Xbox One Spring Update adds the option to selectively balance game audio against background music within the Guide, thereby granting users the ability to turn down the game volume while cranking up the music volume or vice versa. The system sounds on the Home and Guide screens have been revamped to support spatial audio, allowing audio cues from surround sound systems to match on-screen actions.

Xbox One Spring Update Better Invite Filtering Tools

Club owners can now filter invitation requests based on various criteria, including reputation, Gamerscore, and recommendations from existing club members. Furthermore, club invitees will now appear in a vertical list, with details such as their Gamertag, Gamerpic, Gamerscore, reputation indicator and a line noting if the new invitees were recommended by an existing club member.

Xbox One Spring Update Smarter Feeds

The Xbox One Spring Update will allow users to sort their club feeds to show them the hottest and top posts. The “what’s hot” filter will show trending content in the club feed while the “top posts” will show the most popular posts of all time in that club. Additionally, users can now disable comments on feed posts across clubs, Game Hubs, and Community. Finally, broadcast posts which have ended will be hidden from the feed.

Xbox One Spring Update Open Tournaments

Users can now start or join a tournament without being a club member since Tournaments are now available directly in Game Hubs.

Xbox One Spring Update Xbox Live Gold

Users will now have a dedicated tab to quickly view and access all their redeemed Games with Gold. Installation is merely two clicks away.

For more details and information, head on over to the Xbox Wire blog.

Image Credit: Xbox / Microsoft