A Way Out Game Length, Possibility of Switch Version and More Revealed

A Way Out director Josef Fares has revealed a few details about the upcoming game. It is slated to release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC next week. In an interview, Fares shared several juicy details regarding A Way Out. The game will take players approximately around six to eight hours to complete a single playthrough. Development on A Way Out started with only ten people, before thirty more were added in the course of developing the game. Compared to the team of twelve people who worked on Hazelight Studios’ previous game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, that’s quite an increase in manpower.

Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, Fares said that there are currently no plans to make a Switch edition of A Way Out. However, the silver lining is that he did not completely rule it out, adding “at least not yet.” That means that if the game turns out to be a huge success, a Switch version could be possible in the future.

The script for A Way Out was written by Fares himself, although he had assistance from a “script doctor.” Fares adds that EA has been supportive and did not meddle during development. He said: “If EA wants to make an apple greener, I can say no.”

One of the most surprising information that came from Fares is that 100 percent of the income will be going straight to the developers. Although the game is still published, supported and marketed by EA, the gamers publisher will apparently earn zero revenue from sales of A Way Out.

However, Fares admits that a few issues did arise while working with EA, saying that “They sh*t and take a pee like everybody else.” He also explains that he is extremely passionate about the co-op multiplayer aspect of A Way Out, adding that he would even refuse ten million dollars if it required him to develop a single-player game. Last but not least, Fares claims that he will never make a game containing microtransactions.

In other related news, we were given the opportunity of trying out the game recently. Check out our hands-on preview of A Way Out here. A Way Out is a co-op action adventure game starring two strangers named Leo and Vincent, who has to start trusting each other and work together to break out of prison. The game is slated to be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 23rd, 2018.

(Via GameSpot)