Randy Pitchford Asks Kaz Hirai Parody Twitter for PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Play

The Kaz Hirai parody Twitter account has become infamous on the internet, with it offering an absurd take on the Sony CEO and President. Unfortunately for Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, he was a little too convinced by the account. In a number of tweets below, you can read for yourselves how Randy managed to get himself into such a confusing situation in the first place:

It all started with the Kaz Hirai parody account jokingly tweeting about bringing Ridge Racer to the PS4. Anyone up to date with their gaming memes will remember the absolutely painful video of Hirai revealing Ridge Racer on the PS Vita in 2006, a reveal that led to the creation of many memes. The parody account of Hirai also seems to be aware of the fun and teasing when it comes to Ridge Racer, hence the account’s tweet. Though it doesn’t seem as though Pitchford was let in on the joke.

Pitchford is well known as the brains behind classics such as Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and so forth, yet it seemed as though the organ failed him when it came to recognizing a genuine account from a parody one. From the looks of it though he took it all in good humor, even if his plea towards Hirai to allow Xbox One and PS4 cross-play was certainly a genuine one. If there’s anything that Randy Pitchford has taught us today it’s to always check the accounts of our personal heroes: even if it just once or twice.

Image Credit: David Becker / Getty Images