Rare Details Next Sea of Thieves Update and Ongoing Fixes

Rare has provided details on what to expect from the next Sea of Thieves update, scheduled to begin rolling out today (March 27). Studio Head Craig Duncan and Executive Produce Joe Neate appeared for a 12-minute discussion on the current state of the game, and what’s to come in future updates.

Sea of Thieves‘ successful launch has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, with player numbers surpassing those during the free open final beta. Rare says that this is causing unpredicted scaling issues, with the developers working to support the huge demand. To help alleviate some of the stress, and get more players in, a couple of features have been disabled. (This explains why Achievements haven’t been popping up for me!)

Sea of Thieves Update

There are four key areas that Rare is focusing its efforts:

1. Player rewards being delayed

  • Ongoing work to improve
  • Should be better most cases
  • Still investigating remaining cases

2. Achievements being delayed

  • Had to temporarily disable
  • Client work done / Services work ongoing

3. Players having access troubles at peak time

  • Broadly resolved despite record scale

4. Isolated incidents of characters missing details

  • Resolve in game update

The March 27 update should fix a number of the above issues. However, as explained by Craig Duncan, some of this work is ongoing and may take a little longer to be resolved.

Here’s the full 12-minute developer update video:

Rare is aiming to be transparent when it comes to Sea of Thieves content and support, and hopes that these developer update videos will be appreciated by the community. The first two dev updates have gone down well, with a healthy amount of “Likes.” As we’ve seen with other controversial titles, like Star Wars Battlefront II, a little bit of communication can go a long way.

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