Outlast 2 Adding New Content Too Adult for Original Release

Outlast has always been pretty scary, and Outlast 2 most definitely is not an exception to the formula of ‘wetting your pants in fear’. So you’ll be disturbed (or overjoyed) to hear that Outlast 2 is adding new content too adult for the original release.

The game’s rating was originally considered ‘Adults Only’ due to the level of adult content that, yet a rating like that can only be seen as shooting yourself in the foot as many retailers won’t be taking the risk to sell your game. Perhaps this was what made Outlast 2’s developer Red Barrel reconsider the content in the first place, cutting it so that the game would just have a rating of ‘Mature.’ If you ask us we think Outlast 2 is pretty adult as it is.

Though perhaps this is a clever move for Red Barrel. The game has been out for a while and with Outlast 2 adding new content that’s never been seen before, the replayability of the horror game will no doubt rise. We must emphasize that this new content will be brought out through a new patch on Steam soon, though we are uncertain whether consoles will be getting the same treatment as this content would likely subject the game to classification again by the ESRB.

Red Barrels making these changes now does beg one particular question: why? ESRB has often been strict with the ratings they give out, so if the content is to be released in a patch then perhaps the said content is not as ‘adult’ to the point it becomes a completely different game. It should also be considered that Red Barrels have made tweaks and fixes to the content they are looking to include in the patch, keeping Outlast 2 just under the ‘Adults Only’ rating. Regardless, only time will tell how much Outlast 2 has changed with the additional content.