Fortnite Mobile Makes $15 Million in a Month

Fortnite Mobile has proven to be (unsurprisingly) unstoppable. Boasting cross-play, cross-progression and cross-purchases, the mobile edition of the game is the perfect companion to the console and PC versions. Fortnite Mobile is also incredibly convenient when it comes to checking the store for new items. Players can grab the latest premium skin whenever, wherever, without the need to boot up a dedicated system.

Fortnite Mobile Makes $15 Million in a Month

Actually quantifying the success of Fortnite Mobile is a challenge undertaken by Sensor Tower, whose “Store Intelligence” data has tracked the game’s daily earnings since it started monetization on March 15. Despite its closed “invite-only period,” Fortnite Mobile still managed to consistently bring in $500,000 per day. Once it became available for all iPhone users to download and play, the game began earning over $1.6 million every single day. In the 20 days recorded on the graph below, over $15 million was made.

Fortnite Mobile

While only the iPhone version has launched so far, with Android support coming in a few months, Fortnite Mobile is clearly already making bucketloads of money, and is poised to make much, much more.

It should be noted that many of these Fortnite Mobile earnings are likely in place of console and PC sales, with existing players preferring to buy on the more convenient platform. With that said, there are no doubt gamers out there who only play Fortnite on mobile, and who will be totally new customers.

The amount of money Fortnite Mobile is earning will get a bump up when the Android version launches. Then there’s the fact that the Save the World component of the game is also set to go free-to-play this year, and will likely be added to the mobile version. Free-to-play for a popular game like Fortnite is only going to end in piles and piles of money.