Sea of Thieves 1.06 Update Adds Cosmetics, Weapons, and More

If you’re looking for more loot in Sea of Thieves, the new 1.06 update has you covered, literally. Cosmetics, some weapons, a limited-time sniper rifle, and a host of fixes highlight patch 1.06, which hits today for Xbox One and PC.

Citing player feedback on their forums, Rare added a couple ship customization sets, some new clothing options, and a few weapons to their game, which keeps their promise of adding free post-release content. But be warned as different shops carry different gear so you’ll need to travel to get all the goodies.

The “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach is one of those new weapons, although it’s only available for a limited time. Celebrating the game’s one-month anniversary, players will be able to grab the extremely piratey sniper rifle but only for two weeks. Thankfully, you won’t have to plunder much because it’s available at the shop for only one Gold. That’s a price even a pirate could love.

In addition to coats, guns, and ship figureheads, the update fixes a swath of bugs and niggling issues. Enemy skeletons are now less accurate, merchants can no longer deliver to specific outposts, players aren’t invulnerable during the tutorial, and the bell has now been moved on small ships to avoid accidental ringing.

It’s all small stuff that a good portion players on the subreddit seem to be appreciate although they don’t quite address the numerous complaints listed in our review. Sea of Thieves needs a lot more than just one or two patches, but this is a decent step in adding content to a fairly dry game.

Other small glitches and bugs have been squashed too and you can read more every little detail in the 1.06 patch notes over at Rare’s official forums.