QuakeCon 2018 Schedule Revealed, Will be the Biggest

QuakeCon, ZeniMax Media’s annual convention, is staying in August like usual but it’s going to be a lot bigger this year. Starting on August 9th and running until the 12th, ZeniMax promised in a blog post that this year’s event will have an expanded schedule, keynote address, panels, new ticketing options, a bigger BYOC (bring your own computer) area, and “much more.”

ZeniMax claims it’ll be the biggest QuakeCon yet in its inception in 1996. This has partly to do with the exhibit hall now being open all day from Friday to Sunday. The BYOC area has also doubled in size and will start on Thursday, the day before the exhibit hall opens.

QuakeCon 2018 marks the return of the keynote address that offers viewers some insight on Bethesda Softworks’ games. John Carmack, one of the key figures behind Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D, used to give the multi-hour keynotes. But now, given how he is no longer with the company and the lawsuit between the two parties, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that he won’t be speaking. Panels will also be making a return and will give attendees an inside look at their games and the community that surrounds them.

General attendance is still free but anyone wanting to go to the panels or the BYOC area will have to pay. There are three different packages for $75, $200, and $400 depending on what you want from QuakeCon. Registering and buying a ticket is not ready yet so you have plenty of time to decide which price is right for you. ZeniMax promises they’ll have more details on when you can buy a ticket “soon.”

quakecon chart

There is now a new option for buying swag with your ticket, just in case you wanted to give them more money. During registration, you’ll have the option to purchase swag bags. These QuakeCon-branded swag bags include a backpack, pins, a stainless steel water bottle, an air freshener, an oversized mouse pad, a luggage tag, and a 36-inch inflatable Rocket Launcher from Quake Champions. If that sounds worth $150 to you, you’ll have to act quickly once it goes live because pre-orders are limited.