Pillars of Eternity 2 Just Got Beaten in 26 Minutes

Speedrunning is serious business and YouTuber Onin takes it very seriously. Recently they went one step further and finished Obsidian’s newest epic RPG, Pillars of Eternity 2, in just 26 minutes.

We can’t really imagine how Obsidian must be feeling right now after spending so long crafting a loving, beautiful world only to have someone finish it in less time than it takes for us to get washed, dressed and ready in the morning. Or how long we’d take in the game’s character creator. Either way, we’d be both pretty steamed and ridiculously impressed by Onin’s antics.

Nonetheless, in the description of his YouTube video, Onin admits that it isn’t a completely ‘pure’ speedrun. He takes advantage of several exploits and features in the game that helps him progress faster, one of these features are called ‘Blessings’. These are boosts you can unlock through playthroughs of the game that can upgrade your starting level, stats, and gear as well as save you some time from duping as much gold as you can.

Onin explains that he uses the Blessings feature to “make the run less tedious. They mainly cut down on time spent duping gold. It’d take several minutes longer to obtain 105,000 gold without the Blessings.” He adds that the use of this money is to fully upgrade a ship in order to reach Ukaizo, Pillars of Eternity 2’s final area.

But before he can head to Ukaizo, Onin first has to head to Ashen Maw. Onin could have reached the end of the game a lot quicker otherwise, and he describes the task of going to Ashen before Ukaizo as a weird thing to force onto players before they can head to the final area.

Onin has done various other speedruns too, including Larian Studio’s Divinity Original Sin 2, Alien Swarm and Owlboy. To see his speedrun for Pillars of Eternity 2, check out the video below.