Overwatch LEGO Is on Its Way, Activision Reveals

Overwatch LEGO is on its way, with Activision Blizzard partnering with the toy manufacturers in order to build several sets based on the Overwatch universe. The sets will see heroes such as Tracer, Mercy, Doomfist, and more receive their very own LEGO miniatures, further cementing the blockbuster FPS as one of the biggest video game properties around.

The news was announced today, with the UNIQLO also partnering with Blizzard in order to bring out Overwatch apparel as part of its Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Activision is also making extra revenue streams from its other franchises, with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 leading to merchandising deals with McFarlane, a collectible figures company, and Crash Bandicoot also making his way to backpacks, figurines, and homeware.

Overwatch has proven to be a mega-hit for Blizzard, with the FPS still going strong since launching back in 2016. The game routinely holds annual events in order to draw players back in, and the Overwatch League has extended its influence to esports, with it making a major impact in professional gaming.

The LEGO sets have yet to be revealed, though fans will be excited to see the game’s various maps and characters be recreated in LEGO form. Despite having only been around for two years, Overwatch‘s cast of memorable heroes has made a huge impact on gaming, becoming mascots for a new generation of player. With each new character release being treated as a major event, there are plenty of heroes that will prove to be popular with LEGO’s younger demographic.

In related news, Overwatch is set to receive a brand new map in the form of Petra, with Blizzard recently offering a first look at the arena. The map will appear as part of the game’s 2018 anniversary event, with it set to be introduced into the competitive rotation.

(via Business Wire)