Sunset Overdrive PC Version Rated in Korea

Four years after its initial release on Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive might be coming to PC. A Sunset Overdrive PC version was spotted on a Korean game ratings board. Microsoft has not announced anything about a possible PC version. However, developer Insomniac Games has gone on the record of their hopes of a PC port. In September 2016, the developer’s official Twitter account stated that they would “love for it to come to PC, though it’s up to Xbox on that one.” Microsoft, of course, published Insomniac’s first Xbox One game back in 2014 and, thus, would be the gatekeepers behind a possible PC version.

Microsoft has been rather open about putting their first-party games on PC. Xbox’s Play Anywhere lets players play their digital Xbox One games on their PC and vice versa. Some titles include Gears of War 4, Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, and more. This relatively new system agnostic approach may have awakened them to the possibility of going back and porting over an older game like Sunset Overdrive.

Although Insomniac Games has made some of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises (and this year’s upcoming Spider-Man), the game is most likely still not coming to Sony’s systems. Insomniac does own the Sunset Overdrive franchise, so a possible sequel could go multiplatform if it finds another publisher, but a PS4 version still seems very unlikely. Microsoft originally published both Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden 2, which both ended up on the PS3. However, those are two rare cases.

As Gematsu has stated before, leaks from the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee have been accurate in the past. For example, the GRAC leaked both the Okami and Resident Evil 6 current generation ports before they were officially unveiled. They also blew the lid on the PaRappa the Rapper PS4 port before Sony’s announcement at PSX 2016.

It’s important to remember that nothing has been confirmed. Microsoft nor Insomniac Games has said anything about the alleged Sunset Overdrive PC port since the leak so take it with a grain of salt.