Overwatch Play of the Game Is Still Broken, Fixes ETA Still Unknown

Overwatch Play of the Game is arguably the best feature in the game. It not only gives you instant validation to see your username pop up on that big, beautiful screen but you also get bragging rights which is never a bad thing. Sometimes that high of being awesome can leave you smiling for days. To put it bluntly: getting the Play of the Game is fantastic and we love it.

However, like most things, it isn’t perfect. While the feature can be extremely rewarding, it only seems to feel that way for players who get a massive killstreak, or if they play Junkrat. Sometimes it’s both. And while we should celebrate some fantastic killstreaks, it does have the aftermath of leaving other players to feel as though they aren’t contributing enough.

Blizzard was very aware of the problem only a few months after the game originally debuted back in 2016, but despite their promises of having an “Overwatch Play of the Game 2.0 in the works” (via Kotaku), nothing has appeared to have changed at all.

When asked for an update of the Play of the Game fix by Kotaku during a call between Blizzard’s developers and reporters, Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer stated: “It’s still on our list of something we do want to improve. There are features that, essentially, we’ve prioritized other things ahead of them. We don’t like to set up a plan and follow that plan to the letter.”

“One of the cool things about our development process is that we do allow ourselves to change those plans as the community changes, as we do get feedback,” he continued.

At least Blizzard still has the problem logged into their mental databanks, and are committed to fixing it in the future. However when that happens still remains to be seen. Regardless, it seems as though players will still have a long wait before they can get the promised Play of the Game 2.0.