Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reveals a New Image

Not much is known about the Final Fantasy 7 remake apart from the obvious: that it’s a remake of Final Fantasy 7. What we also know is that Nobuo Uematsu, the musical genius behind many of the Final Fantasy games, will be involved, the team of Square Enix are branching out looking for people to recruit to make this game the best they can and the likelihood of seeing the remake in next year is highly unlikely.

When put like that, it really does seem as though news for the game can be compared to trying to find a needle in a haystack. However social media strikes again, and this time we can thank Square Enix’s recruitment page for the leak of a brand new image. Check it out below and see if you can recognize anything about it.

Final Fantasy 7

In the image above you’ll see Business Division 1’s Development Lead Naoko Hamaguchi, who rightly looks pretty pleased as anyone would be if they were working on the Final Fantasy 7 remake. However, on a computer screen to his right, you’ll notice what appears to be Cloud Strife fighting against a rather large enemy. But not just any enemy – the Air Buster boss.

From this image we can only see Cloud, but fans of the original game will know that the Air Buster boss is encountered by Cloud, Barret, and Tifa just outside of Sector 5. So it’s safe to assume that they will also be included during this battle too.

What we can’t assume is how old this image is, or how long since the game has been progressed since then. Because of this we are once more left grasping at straws, yet in spite of the lack of information, that hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited ahead of time and hoping to see more updates in the future.

Whether that will happen, however, remains to be seen.