The Bethesda Fallout Stream is Making Us Lose Our Minds

Bethesda teased a Fallout announcement today, posting a tweet alongside the caption #PleaseStandBy before going live on Twitch with a broadcast featuring a perky Pip-Boy statue. The stream has featured the occasional silent appearance from a Bethesda employee, such as a thumbs up or someone dropping a few balloons into the mix, but thus far it has been completely devoid of a new announcement.

The stream started over three hours ago, so things are now getting pretty weird in the chat. We’ve been waiting for a while now, Bethesda — what’s the hold-up? Did you get into an altercation with some Rad Roaches? Or are you just toying with us at this point? You’re a cruel mistress, Bethesda.

You can take a look at the (still maddeningly uneventful) stream below:

We here at GameRevolution have a job to do, so while everyone else can happily duck in and out of this stream until the Fallout announcement is finally made, we’re having to sit motionless at our desktop monitors until something — anything — happens.

Rumors have been circulating that the announcement will revolve around a Fallout 3 anniversary release on the Nintendo Switch, while others have the more optimistic belief that Bethesda is going to stage its reveal of Fallout 5. We have no idea what the developer has up its sleeve, though any Fallout news is good news in our books, so we’re desperately waiting for the studio to give us a hand and show us what it’s been working on.

Bethesda is set to hold a conference at E3 2018, so it’s likely saving its biggest announcements for then. However, it could still tease a big announcement for viewers to watch at the expo, so it’s not saying that a Fallout 5 teaser trailer is completely off the cards.

Please hurry up and save us from ourselves, Bethesda. We’re getting desperate over here.