Microsoft Is Letting Xbox One Testers ‘Skip Ahead’ to Future Features

There’s just something extra special about being ahead of the game, isn’t there? You get all the deets for one, and then if you aren’t satisfied with them then you have the bragging rights to back you up. All in all, you probably feel more than a little good about yourself. Which most likely what Xbox One testers are feeling right now.

That’s because Microsoft is making its Xbox preview program a lot more like its Window Insider testing for the Windows 10. How? By including a new ‘ship ahead’ ring that will be opened up specifically for Xbox Insiders on the alpha tier, which will allow testers to access these new Xbox features months before they are released to the general public.

The reason that Microsoft has allowed this system is simple. Xbox program manager, Savannah, explains, “by piloting builds well in advance of their release, Xbox Insiders will play an even bigger role in shaping the future of Xbox.”

The Xbox One testers that will be involved with the skip ahead preview ring will have the opportunity to test out new apps and features, all which are part of Microsoft’s Redstone 5 wave for the Xbox. The Redstone 5 updates for the Xbox will be available later on in the month for testing, though Microsoft has said it may not always announce these new features that will be available for testing.

Personally, we hope that these testers will be getting some sort of compensation for their hard work, unlike the Xbox support staff that Microsoft laid off for volunteers only a week ago.

However, if you’re not put off by that and are interested in testing the very latest Xbox updates, this ring will be available initially for Xbox Alpha Insiders, and later by invitation to other testers. So if you’re willing, don’t miss out.