Next Xbox One Announced at Microsoft E3 2018 Event

The next Xbox One has been announced at the Microsoft E3 2018 event, with Phil Spencer revealing that the company is working on the “future of play” by way of developing new technologies that will take gaming into the next generation. The new, untitled console will feature Microsoft AI, a new system that will focus on game streaming that will grant users “console-quality streaming” on mobile devices.

Microsoft didn’t reveal the design of the upcoming console, nor was its expected launch window announced, though this is the first public acknowledgment from Microsoft that it is actively working on the console. Even though Spencer stated that it was focusing on streaming, it seems that this will still be a traditional console.

Next Xbox Console Announcement at E3 2018

The Xbox One has been a divisive console that has notably struggled during its lifespan. Many were disappointed with its initial focus on non-gaming features and its anti-consumer policies, which gave Sony and the PS4 the opening to become the best-selling console of this generation. However, under Spencer’s leadership the Xbox One has come full circle, with Microsoft now focusing on the games it produces more than ever before. Alongside the announcement of the new Xbox console, Spencer also revealed that Microsoft had acquired 5 first-party studios, which will appear under a new gaming arm for Microsoft. These studios include Ninja Theory and Playground Games, the developers of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and the newly announced Forza Horizon 4.